🎨Meet Talented Local Artists

Meet Talented Local Artists


Welcome to our Meet Talented Local Artists page! We are proud to showcase a selection of incredible local artists, each with their unique style, medium, and artistic vision. Discover their inspiring work and learn more about the creative minds behind the art.

Rebecca Belmore – An Anishinaabe multimedia artist whose work addresses history, voice, and voicelessness, especially in the context of indigenous peoples in Canada. Website: http://www.rebeccabelmore.com/

Edward Burtynsky – A photographer known for his large-format images of industrial landscapes and the impact of human activity on the environment. Website: https://www.edwardburtynsky.com/

Shary Boyle – A multimedia artist whose work spans drawing, sculpture, painting, and performance, often exploring themes of gender and sexuality. Website: http://www.sharyboyle.com/

Kent Monkman – A Cree artist known for his provocative reinterpretations of Western European and American art history, especially in relation to indigenous peoples. Website: http://www.kentmonkman.com/

Olga Muhortyh– A talented Canadian artist with Ukrainian roots, specializing in oil painting and exploring themes of emotion, nature, and the human experience. Website: https://om-art.ca/

We hope you find inspiration in the work of these talented local artists and that their creativity encourages you to explore the vibrant arts community in your area. Remember to support local artists by visiting their exhibitions, purchasing their work, and sharing your appreciation for their talents!



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